Abby Sunderland Found

by mike on June 13, 2010

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Well it’s no news to you all by now that relative to my last post about her… Abby Sunderland has been happily found and rescued.

It’s clear from the June 12 post on her blog that she’s heard much of what people have said about her… that her failure is a direct result of her age, lack of training, lack of maturity, etc. etc. etc.  Maybe a more weather-beaten sailor would’ve been able to pull her boat out of the long wave she blames for snapping her mast off so that only a two inch stub was left.  Maybe a crusty old salt would have been able to find the right crest to follow.  Maybe, maybe, maybe.  And then, maybe not.  An ocean storm is a big place to be in a small boat like that, you probably rediscover just how inconsequential you are.  I’m sure she spent her fair share of white-knuckled hours at the helm before having to admit defeat.

I said it before and will say it again… all in all, she’s done more with her life in the past three years than many people do in their entire lives.  I’d like to believe as a parent that I could support a goal like this, but I have a nagging suspicion (after discussing this with family, friends and co-workers) that I might have said “over my dead body” or something like that.

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