Who says eating and driving don’t mix?

by mike on June 18, 2010

in Geek,Humor

The creativity of others never ceases to amaze me, especially of those people that see garbage on the side of the road and instead of seeing garbage like I do, see a fun project.  My ingenuity tends to strike when, say, I don’t have the right tool for a home improvement task so… I’ll rig something out of whatever I’ve got rather than make yet another trip back to Home Depot…

I love the contraption in this next video — it reminds me of the smash-up derbies we used to have in my neighborhood back when I was a kid.  I don’t know why, but my neighbor had various bicycle parts in his back yard and the neighborhood kids would fashion frankencycles out of them and then… we’d ride them around, build up speed and smash them into each other.  What fun!

While these guys don’t look like they’re going to be smashing this into anything soon, it still looks like fun.  Check it out.

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