A Happy Fathers’ Day

by mike on June 21, 2010

in Kids

Son presenting the Fathers' Day Gift

Yesterday, I woke as I usually do, confused and bleary-eyed.

A moment later, I realized it was the best Fathers’ Day ever.  My wife had let me sleep in a bit, and woke me with the kids’ help to breakfast in bed!  Of course, my daughter jumped right in next to me and begged for scraps.  This was followed by cards and gift-giving.  No… no clip-on ties or cheap cologne.  A T-SHIRT!  A t-shirt with the outlines and imprints of my childrens’ hands and feet.  My son kept it warm, as you can see in the snapshot.  My daughter made a gold-painted paper trophy at school, which I think I promised to drink from…

Upon remarking to my wife that this was the best one ever, she said “But what about the one last year?  You know, when I gave birth to your son?  On Fathers’ Day?”


Which reminds me — Happy Birthday, Son.  What an amazing year it has been.  I can’t wait until you can run after your sister, and keep yourselves amused while your parents read the Sunday paper.

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Angela Ryder June 21, 2010 at 6:50 am

It was a wonderful day, wasn’t it?
That pic makes me smile. Wonder what he’s really doing… 😉

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