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by mike on June 4, 2010

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I’ve been thinking about creating a blog for a long time.  In fact, I had something of a blog a long time ago, before blogs were really popular, but ended up not being committed to its maintenance.  It was a small collection of travel photos, quotes and my poems, and was in need of a community.  Indeed, it died of attrition and went away completely when my domain name expired.

Is this blog an experiment?  Will I remain committed?  I cannot say what circumstances life will bring me, but by virtue of my personal goals my answers to those questions are, in order, No and Yes.

Until today, many of my “posts” were on a Facebook wall.  However, Facebook’s privacy policies have been changing almost monthly for a while now and so, at least in some part, I must give some credit to Facebook for giving me the impetus to create this blog.  Ironically, I intend to implement some integration with Facebook at least for identification purposes, for those people that would enjoy that sort of thing as well as to include a fair amount of friends I have there in my mental wanderings.

Other goals for this website?  A mailing list. A full RSS feed.  A community.  Lots of visitors and comments.  And last but not least, perhaps through subtle advertising, sponsorship and affiliate networks that it might be a hobby that pays for itself.

I believe strongly in full disclosure and have a page devoted to that topic and my privacy policy.  Thanks for visiting!

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