HP Tech Forum 2010: Best Practices for a Healthy VMware Environment

by mike on June 23, 2010

in Virtualization

Sadly, this was a waste of time for me.  The session was entitled “Best Practices for a Healthy VMware Environment 1557” but in reality it was just an advertisement for the “Health Analyzer Appliance” which is obtained from HP Services when you buy one of their service engagements.  I stuck it out for a bit, but then it was clear that this appliance’s management console provided very much the same information that is available from the vSphere client.  It suddenly got even more uninteresting, since we already have vCenter.

Perhaps I wasn’t thorough in my read of the session description.  Mia culpa.  Note to self… read the darned session descriptions more carefully.

Nothing else to report here.

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