Have you hugged your System Administrator?

by mike on June 8, 2010

in Computing

Did your computer map all its drives when you logged in at work today?

Were you able to fire up your browser to visit Lost In The Details this morning?

Has your PC been free from virus and spamware infections?

If you said “yes… Yes… YES!”, then why haven’t you shown your System Administrator some love?  Go on, give him or her a hug.  Or a raise.  Or visit my favorite Think Geek Toys website and order them a token of your undying appreciation?  Or perhaps buy them a membership with the local LOPSA affiliate (League of Professional System Administrators).

And let them get off work early so they can hang out in NYC and celebrate System Administrator Appreciation Day.

You KNOW you want to.  Especially since they’ve read all the packets going to your computer to display this post, and it just wouldn’t be polite to pretend you didn’t know what day it was when the last Friday in July rolls around…

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