Walking and Talking

by mike on June 10, 2010

in Kids

My daughter and son are respectively, three and one year old.  Their growth and maturation is awe-inspiring.

To think that this human being started out as a single cell and is now a walking and talking little person with its own personality and sense of humor is, simply speaking, breath taking.

Just consider — as early as the 18th week in the womb, it is able to hear.  It learns the sound of your voices.  By the 28th week, it’s eyes open and by the 31st week it’s able to see differences between light and dark.  After birth, even more magic kicks in — babies are CUTE.  There’s a theory that this is an evolutionary trait, that cute babies got more attention than the… non-cute babies, and therefore were healthier and had a better survival rate.

I wholeheartedly confess that my children have a highly evolved cuteness, and is increasing with age.  My resistance to their magical powers that command me to put on a Wallace & Gromit movie (for the 436th time) is severely tested by the brute force of their cuteness.  Especially when my daughter learned to hug, kiss and come running at you when you come home from work.  Really, it’s hard to come home without breaking into a smile — and that can be frustrating when you WANT to be angry!  (By the way, if you don’t have any yet for your kids, here’s the W&G DVD that we have and apparently isn’t boring after 436 viewings)

The hug is my daughter’s special power and it’s very strong…

Me: “Catherine!  Where do these shoes belong?  Where does this sippy-cup go when you’re done with it?!  OW! What did I just step on!?!?”

Her: “DADDY! DADDY! DADDY! <HUG> <HUG> <HUG>  I made pee-pee and I want a chocolate!”

Me:  <sigh> “I hear and obey…”

My son’s special power is the “nuggle” which is the double whammy of a snuggle plus nuzzle.  In a few weeks when he starts walking, together they will be a force to be reckoned with.  If my posts to this blog stop, you’ll know that we’re trapped watching Wallace & Gromit non-stop.

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