by mike on August 24, 2010

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HULK SMASH inkjet cartridges too!

Today has been scarred into my memory.

When I came home today, my wife reminded me that she couldn’t print anything from her computer.  The printer (which happens to be an HP C6150, one of those “all-in-one” printers) is fairly new, maybe a year or two old.

So off I go into the basement, with a “be right back.”

Fixing computer things is my job, it’s in my blood.  I have a short mental list for getting printers back into shape, and knew it would take just a moment to set things straight.  Literally, less than five minutes.

What follows should curdle the blood of any sane person.

First…  I couldn’t print from my computer either.  The printer had lost its network address.  OK, easy fix.  (But why or how did it lose that setting?).  Next, the printer complained that an inkwell was empty.  This printer REFUSES TO PRINT ANYTHING when an inkwell gets low.  Not EMPTY.  LOW.  It’s maddening.  Sure enough, I’ve been through this grinder before, so I swap in a new cartridge from the office supplies.  Now it complains that ANOTHER inkwell is low, so I swap in a fresh one there too.  And NOW… this is when I started seeing green, started thinking about Bruce Banner… the printer complained that the INK HAD EXPIRED and that I would invalidate my warranty if I hit the OK button.  EXPIRED!  It was in a hermetically sealed container, you could hear the little gasp as I peeled it open.


I can still remember the day I sold my 10 year old HP LaserJet IIp.  I had to replace the cartridge in that thing ONCE during it’s lifetime, it was the best personal printer you could ask for.  It never complained, it just. kept. working.

Now I’m afflicted with this cheap, blood-sucking, wallet-emptying, life-shortening multi-function device from HELL.  We hates it!

Is this what home printers are like, now?  Do they all stink of foul marketing gimmicks?  We’ve spent more on ink for this infernal contraption than it cost to buy the thing.  I hope it craps out completely.  Now.

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