Sadly, you are not a monster

by mike on October 19, 2010

in Humor,Kids,Video

Yes… I love the Old Spice advertisement and the copycats, and the voicemail generator and, of course, the video in this post.

In other news… I have to admit I’ve lost the will to blog!  I *want* to blog, and even though I’ve got a whole list of topics I want to talk about, they never make it to publication.  Heck, I haven’t been on Facebook in weeks, and until 2 months ago I was on virtually every day at least to see what all my friends were up to.  As my friend Jimbo would say, “Real Life 101” is keeping me busy.

There’s LOTS of work to do at work.  The kids have entered a phase where the 1.33 year-old son is getting very “clingy” and the 3.5 year-old daughter needs to be engaged almost non-stop.  And by the time I’ve got time to think about a post, I’ve got very little inspiration or creativity left.  And lately, even when I try for something more than 5 hours of sleep, like 7… I still feel like I got run over by a Mack Truck.  I can feel the stress of the “holiday season” building up, which I think began back in August when stores started to sell Halloween junk.

On the bright side, the kids make me happy.  They can both *really* turn on the charm and cuteness, they greet me like I am the very best thing in the world to see when I drag my tired ass in the door and at the end of the day, that helps to ease the weight on my shoulders, if only just for a little bit.

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