Some people do not feel alive unless they’re pumping adrenaline through their veins by bungee-jumping, sky-diving or spelunking.  Others do not feel alive unless they are playing basketball doing a full court press or hunting.

I don’t feel alive unless I’m learning something new everyday.  (I may not remember it, but that’s for a completely different website).

My name is Mike and I am really interested in science, technology, stereos, computers, cars, geothermal energy, string theory, plate tectonics, music, “the cloud,” home theaters, weight-bearing walls, hardware virtualization, the big bang theory, E=MC2, etc. etc. etc.

This blog is my repository of links, articles, videos, product reviews and endorsements and other brain-droppings.  It’s a place where individuals can share knowledge and bounce ideas around.

Stay a while.  Browse.  Comment.

But please… keep it clean and apolitical.  Intellectual expression and examination is encouraged — flame-wars are discouraged.

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