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Still here… somewhere…

February 23, 2011 Computing

I’m sitting in a local Starbucks, for coffee and Wi-Fi access.  A lot has happened since my last update, which I hope to blog about again.  The holidays came and went, we sold our house and bought a new one and are now trying to do some important repairs updates before we move in.  I […]

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Sadly, you are not a monster

October 19, 2010 Humor

Yes… I love the Old Spice advertisement and the copycats, and the voicemail generator and, of course, the video in this post. In other news… I have to admit I’ve lost the will to blog!  I *want* to blog, and even though I’ve got a whole list of topics I want to talk about, they […]

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We No Speak Americano

October 5, 2010 Video

I was bopping around some of my favorite links and came across this video at Jimbo’s site, ParkwayReststop. The last several weeks have been tough — lots of work, and then the last thing I have energy for is putting thought into blog updates.  Best laid plans, and all that.  But hopefully with some alterations […]

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Silently screaming

September 14, 2010 Humor

I spent an hour in my dental hygienist’s chair today, wondering about the state of affairs of Dentistry. I can distinctly recall a time when a dental check and cleaning took half an hour, involved 5-10 minutes of some mildly-painful poking and scraping, 10 minutes of polishing with some fluoride gunk, and then maybe 10 […]

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August 24, 2010 Computing

Today has been scarred into my memory. When I came home today, my wife reminded me that she couldn’t print anything from her computer.  The printer (which happens to be an HP C6150, one of those “all-in-one” printers) is fairly new, maybe a year or two old. So off I go into the basement, with […]

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Delicious Links

August 13, 2010 Computing

Here’s a quick list of links that I gathered at my Delicious account this week.  If you’re not already using Delicious, you should at least know about it — it’s a great tool for cataloging all the links that you collect.  Extensions exist for Internet Exploder and Firefox, which add buttons to your browser’s toolbar, […]

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