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HP Tech Forum 2010: EVA Continuous Access and Business Copy Updates and Futures

June 24, 2010 Computing

I was five minutes late to this session, so missed just a little information.  Without making you read to the end… this session was possibly the best one I attended.  Two presenters, Sheridan Kooyers, HP EVA Firmware Architect and Joseph Algieri, HP Master Solution Arechitect. Warning: Extremely technical post!  What follows is almost a stream […]

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HP Tech Forum 2010: New EVA Product Introductions

June 23, 2010 Computing

This session by Tim Stelzner of HP was excellent — Mr. Stelzner clearly knows what he is talking about. First off — HP is moving storage technology towards something called the “Unified Virtual Pool” — all product platforms, D2D, X9000, P4000/EVA will evolve into this single platform.  And right now, the X9000 is here today […]

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EVA Management Utilities, Techniques, Tips and Tricks

June 21, 2010 Storage

I’ve got a few minutes over the lunch break to post some comments about this U-Conn session that I’m in now, entitled “EVA Management Utilities, Techniques, Tips and Tricks(PDF)” by Gary McCready. Here’s a summary of the Nuggets O’ Knowledge so far received: When using Command View in a DR setup, the active CV box […]

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