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We No Speak Americano

October 5, 2010 Video

I was bopping around some of my favorite links and came across this video at Jimbo’s site, ParkwayReststop. The last several weeks have been tough — lots of work, and then the last thing I have energy for is putting thought into blog updates.  Best laid plans, and all that.  But hopefully with some alterations […]

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Drums to get your blood pumping

July 22, 2010 Reminiscing

You just woke up.  You’re prying your eyes open, trying not to shuffle-bump into every wall, door and corner of your house as you do your morning routine.  You say to yourself, “I wish I had some way to get motivated, something that reached deep inside my lizard brain and touched something primeval, to really […]

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The History of Taps

July 8, 2010 History

Tap Dancing?  No. Tapping your fingers?   Also… No. I’m talking about the “Taps” song played by buglers at military funerals.  There’s an incorrect story circulating on the Internet about Taps.  It’s heart-wrenching, it’s touching and it’s… apparently wrong (as are most stories circulating in the basement of the Internet).  How do you know that you’ve […]

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July 1, 2010 Humor

Via Parkwayreststop, something to put a silly grin on your face.  Have you ever heard of “Chug-a-lug?” The first time I ever heard this song, it came from my college roommate’s stereo, on massive, excellent old speakers.  This song takes me right back to my dorm room. If you’ve never heard of Chug-a-Lug, perhaps you’ve […]

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OK GO. No. Stop. OK GO.

June 10, 2010 Gadgets

I spent four years at Stevens, am a Computer Engineer by my education there and a computer systems administrator by vocation.  I have a special place in my heart for all things involving engineering of any type, probably because I have an insatiable need to know how things work.  This has a huge downside, which […]

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