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Sun to Earth “I’m going to eat you!”

August 4, 2010 Science

One of my first posts is about solar activity and its predicted increase. Sure enough, Nasa Space Weather delivers.  On August 2nd, they noticed a giant “coronal mass ejection.”  Yesterday, on August 3rd, they confirmed that Europe was experiencing the first hit, but thankfully with no more impact than beautiful aurorae. Hurry, if you read […]

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The Sun Is Going To Eat The Earth

June 7, 2010 Science

… or… just toast it a bit. I just saw this article at Nasa’s website today: “As the Sun Awakens, NASA Keeps a Wary Eye on Space Weather” (but it really should have been named more appropriately as “Get Ready for Real Sudden Climate Change.” Here are the most important points: “The sun is waking […]

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